About Oxford Huggett Technology

I work with clients to develop and design websites. I use a frame work or a content management system that meets the needs of my clients to run the website, so there is no need to learn html or web programming in order to keep the website up to date. The websites are designed to meet all your requirements, whether they are simple sites, with only 1 or a few pages, or they contain many pages, with dynamic content.

The Technology

I focus on the wonderful world of websites and web applications. There is a vast array of awesome technology to consider when designing a website or a web application. Choosing a publishing platform created by a vibrant community and bursting with potential is an essential part of the construction and design of any successful website. At Oxford Huggett Technology, I focus on unleashing your website's full potential.

Responsive Design

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Today, responsive design is a must! Is your website up to the challenge of modern mobile devices? With responsive design, your website will preform beautifully on mobile devices as well as the desktop.


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Content Management Systems and Frameworks make life easier for both you and the developer, saving you time and money. I focus on Drupal and MODX frameworks.

The Core

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HTML5, CCS3 and Javascript make up the core. This new standard has introduced exciting new functionality for websites to use.